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How the Newton Board of Aldermen works:

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Post-Audit and Oversight Committee 2011
Committee on Community Preservation 2011

Land Use Committee 2009
The Zoning & Planning Committee 2009
Programs and Services Committee 2009
Public Safety & Transportation Committee 2009
Finance Committee 2009
Post Audit & Oversight Committee 2009
 / Real Property Reuse Committee 2009

Committee on Community Preservation 2009
Long-Range Planning Committee 2009
School Committee 2009

Election Commission and Veterans Dept.
The Newton TAB (2009)
Dr. Elliott Morss

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The Board of Aldermen abolished two committees at the end of 2011: the Post-Audit and Oversight Committee, and the Committee on Community Preservation. The work formerly handled by these committees has been assigned to other existing committees.

The first season of Aldermen at Work in 2009 included interviews with a number of officials who by 2010 have assumed other roles. These 2009 interviews are nonetheless archived here, since each of the participants provided information at the time which may still be helpful to public understanding.

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