Aldermen At Work
Rules of the Board

The Board of Aldermen in general:

What is the Board of Aldermen?
How is the Board of Aldermen different from the Mayor?
How long is an aldermanic term and when are the elections?
What is the difference between a ward alderman and an alderman at large?

Board meetings:

When does the Board of Aldermen meet?
Are Board of Aldermen meetings public?
What is a special meeting of the Board of Aldermen?
What is the city Charter?
Are Board of Aldermen meetings on NewTV?
Where can I get a recording of aldermanic meetings?


How do I find my aldermen?
How do I contact my alderman?
How do I raise an issue with my alderman?
Who else can help me?

How the Board of Aldermen does its work:

How does the Board do its work?
What is the deadline to bring an issue before the Board?
How do I get Board of Aldermen documents?
What is the best way to distribute information to the Board?
What is the difference between a public meeting and a public hearing?
What is an aldermanic Docket?
What is an aldermanic agenda?
What is the Reports Docket?
What is the difference between a docket, the reports dockets and the agenda?
What is suspension of the Rules?
What does it mean to "charter" an item?
How do I seek a parking or traffic change?

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Rules of the Board

Collected here are the answers to frequently asked questions about procedures of the Board of Aldermen which appear within individual episodes of Aldermen at Work under the heading "Rules of the Board." These answers have been prepared with the help of Clerk of the Board of Aldermen, David Olson, whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Set out below is also a link to the formal Rules of the Board of Aldermen, as well as the home page for the Board of Aldermen, and one of the prior President's Reports which helps explain the work of the Board for a recent year, as a way of getting as sense of the kind of work that the Board undertakes. Note: all links open in new browser window

Board of Aldermen

President's Report for year-end 2008

City of Newton - Board of Aldermen Rules and Orders 2012-2013

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